Reduce workers’ risk of exposure to hazardous silica dust with DISAB mobile vacuum units and pipework.

“Since we’ve been using the DISAB SkipVac it’s much safer, vastly reducing the amount of airborne dust within the plant.” – CSR Monier

The Need

Within cement dust and stone waste, there’s often a high silica content. When workers are exposed to harmful silica dust, they are at risk of developing silicosis, a disabling lung disease.

Some workplaces try to control silica dust by blowing it downward or with suppression sprays, but these methods can create further hazards. Blowing down can create more airborne dust particles, as well as more work to clean it up once the dust settles. Dust suppression sprays also don’t solve the problem as the threat returns once the material is dry.

When developing a Dust Management Plan (DMP) related to silica dust, better control measures should be used to fulfil COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) requirements.

The Result

DISAB industrial vacuum systems prevent airborne dust and clean up dust particles at the same time.

High filtration levels prevent collected dust from escaping, making the working environment safer and cleaner, and a variety of discharge options are available so collected material can be easily and safely disposed of or recovered and returned to process.

From mobile electrically powered units such as the SkipVac to custom centralised systems, DISAB vacuums and assorted attachments can operate in tight hard-to-reach spaces, in amongst machinery, throughout different sections of a large facility or worksite, or over multiple levels.

Key benefits include:

  • Improved health and safety: There’s no need for back-breaking manual collection and with fully enclosed recovery and advanced filtration, harmful dusts are instantly removed and safely contained.
  • Time and cost savings: Waste removal is faster, easier and more efficient with a DISAB. Less time is required and large deposits and spillages can be sucked up quickly and safely.
  • Reliability: Our DISAB vacuums are oil free and reliable, and don’t require regular servicing. They’re used across a wide range of industrial sectors throughout Australia and New Zealand.

”Using vacuums is simply a far more time efficient, safer and long-term cost-effective way to manage our clean ups and spillages. So much so that we bought a second unit.” – PGH Bricks & Pavers