Custom Centralised Industrial Vacuum Systems

DISAB centralised systems improve productivity and health & safety.

  • Systems are purpose-built for each site
  • Simultaneous multi-operator access, in different areas and over numerous levels
  • Fully enclosed system keeps harmful dusts and waste contained
  • Minimises production downtime
  • Waste material can be fed back to one central location and various waste discharge options are available for easy disposal into skips, bins, onto conveyors, or back into process


Using a custom DISAB centralised vacuum system can improve health and safety, minimise labour, reduce waste, cut downtime and save money.

Centralised systems provide powerful and flexible integrated vacuum solutions. Strategically placed inlet valves can be installed in different areas and on different levels around a site. Flexible hoses can then be connected to these ports and operators can clean quickly using powerful vacuum suction. The dust and debris is removed through a system of pipes, with minimal fuss and risk of dust exposure and carried back to one central location. This dust can then be safely removed from site, or if this material is of value it can be returned back into your process.

Accessories and Tools

An extensive range of tools and nozzles are available to attach to flexi hose allowing access to hard to reach areas. This helps to access and clean awkward catchment areas such as down in pits, under conveyors, amongst machinery, up on ledges and around ducts and pipework. With hose and cleaning tools in sizes 38mm-152mm, we can provide the right tool for the specific task.

Solutions can incorporate complete suction units, vacuum loaders, stationary filter separators, mobile separators, stationary pre-separators, mobile pre-separators and an extensive range of accessories


All DISAB systems can be fitted with HEPA filters for absolute filtration of harmful dust and can also be IECEx compliant to handle toxic and hazardous materials where required.

DISAB Australia / New Zealand is operated by Skala Australasia, a service and equipment supplier specialising in bulk material handling, vibratory process equipment and recycling systems.