One of Australia’s largest clay brick manufacturers uses two DISAB SkipVacs for daily cleaning to improve efficiency, recovery of high-value materials and WHS.

”Using vacuums is simply a far more time efficient, safer and long-term cost-effective way to manage our clean ups and spillages. So much so that we bought a second unit.”

The Need

Before using DISAB SkipVac, PGH Bricks & Pavers (Adelaide) used a smaller in-house system for brick chippings, but it wasn’t efficient or powerful enough to suck up the heavier particles. This resulted in clay build up under conveyors causing maintenance issues, and a build-up of brick chippings causing process problems.

The Result

With the capacity to handle the larger debris over distances up to 100 meters, the DISAB SkipVac is able to handle the heavier debris at PGH Bricks & Pavers, saving time and money. Additionally, where the material that needs to be recovered is of high value, the SkipVac doesn’t just save money but pays dividends.

It also improves health & safety – there’s no need for back-breaking manual collection of debris with shovels and brooms, and the SkipVac’s highly advanced filters ensure harmful dusts are safely contained.

”The only proper way to clean this area is with vacuums and extension accessories. I have used other vacuums but they were not as good as the DISAB SkipVac. I am certain there would be a negative response if we decided to go back to the old clean up methods.”