Can options and accessories be retrofitted?

Options such as level sensor, HEPA filter and ATM (automatic filter cleaning) vibrator for assisting discharge can be retrofitted. It is ideal to talk with us to evaluate your needs prior to installation but yes, a number of options and accessories can be retrofitted.

Can I rent a vacuum unit for my maintenance shutdown, short term or long term?

A variety of rental options are available. We cater for the needs of our customers and offer suitable rental solutions so customers can can achieve a safe and efficient operational environment without having to "wait" on CAPEX approvals. Our rental options are based on monthly rental periods with savings for longer term committed rentals.

How often am I required to service my vacuum unit?

Side channel blowers are oil-free and usually do not require maintenance.

Wearing parts service life (bearings and filters) depends on operating conditions. All machines have pre-lubricated bearings with a minimum service life of 12,000 hours. We recommend the filter bags are changed out annually (depending on material and usage).

Diesel vacuum units will require servicing as per normal engine servicing schedule.

How far will the vacuum be effective through fixed pipework?

The machine you will require and the length of pipework before becoming ineffective is greatly dependent on your material type and gravity support. Upward rise in pipework can require a more powerful vacuum unit. Another key variable is the number of suction points you would like in operation at once. Air flow needs to be supported at all times for effective material movement. We can advise on the most suitable unit(s) for your operation.

Can I discharge directly back onto a conveyor and recirculate spillage into my process?

Yes, this is quite easy to achieve. With some simple custom modification or design work, along with the correct selection of discharge mechanism, you can discharge directly back into your process. We offer a tailored turnkey solution to meet this requirement.

What size particles will your vacuum pick up?

Depending on the vacuum, anything from dust to 60mm.

What power do your hire units require?

32amp 3 phase 415V is typically ample.

If I’m vacuuming brick dust, how much can I expect to pick up?

Our smallest machine, the SkipVac, can collect 3 tonnes an hour.

What distance does a BagVac work over?

It very much depends on the material, but dust up to 5mm can be collected over 60 metres. We can also integrate into an existing or supply a new centralised system that can be 100 metres or more in length.

Do you supply diesel powered units?

Yes, we can supply a trailer or truck mounted vacuum that is powered by a diesel engine.

How portable are your machines?

Most of our units are easily transported via a fork lift truck or similar.