Major NSW coal-fired power station uses two DISAB SkipVacs for daily cleaning to improve health and safety and minimise risk of potential environmental hazards.

”Using DISAB vacuums has proven much safer and more efficient to manage coal ash that settles, and clean-ups and spillages. After purchasing one SkipVac, we’ve hired another to enable us to clean more area utilising our full-time contractors to operate the units.”

The Need

Before using DISAB SkipVacs, the facility used a smaller in-house system for clean-up in certain areas on upper levels, which meant having to manage the collected material down to lower levels, with a larger more costly unit at the base level using an integrated pipework network.

The Result

With the DISAB SkipVac, the facility now has the capacity to handle debris over effectively unlimited vertical distances and horizontally over 60m, achieving better waste management and cost efficiency.

The vacuums also improve workplace safety by capturing coal ash without unsettling surrounding material so it becomes airborne, and advanced filters ensure that dust is safely contained. This is important for the health and safety of workers and for compliance with relevant safety regulations.

”The clean up methods we were previously using are simply not as effective as with the DISAB SkipVac, and it’s definitely the preferred method for our workplace and our workers.”