Since 1976 Sweden’s DISAB has designed and manufactured market-leading vacuum systems and cleaners.

See how our portable industrial vacuum cleaners, centralised systems and accessories work together as a comprehensive dust and waste management solution.

Keeping dust, waste and spillages under control in any industrial site is a major task, particularly when it comes to maintaining process quality and achieving high standards of workplace health and safety and environmental performance.

This is the mission of the DISAB Group. For over 35 years, DISAB has designed and manufactured dust and waste management solutions for a range of industrial settings worldwide.

Our innovative product range has been developed through close collaboration with our customers in industrial settings including ports, steelworks, power stations, quarries & mines, waste recycling, wood processing, concrete manufacture, building materials, paper and textiles.

Vacuum systems are the dust-free solution to removing, transporting and recovering waste and spillages, and dealing with essential cleaning and housekeeping of plant.

Our mission is to provide dust-free industrial environments. Our vision is to be the leader in our field.

Example Uses of DISAB Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Cement & Concrete: Up to 10% of cement companies’ production output can end up as spillages around the site or in the plant. A DISAB unit solves spillage problems in an economical, environmentally-friendly and proactive way.

Bulk Handling: Bulk handling typically involves different forms of unloading, transportation, storage and re-loading of raw material, usually in huge volumes. Our vacuum technology and systems are used every day to recover valuable material and reduce the impact of dust on the working environment.

Steelworks: In any steel manufacturing or metallurgical process, dust and waste material can have a significant negative impact on production quality, as well as downtime. Often dust and waste material represents valuable material that can be recycled and reprocessed.

Power Stations: DISAB vacuum technology reduces downtime caused by plant breakdown or interruption of the production process, enabling speedy repairs and minimal downtime. Typical applications are removal of fly ash from hoppers, louvres, ducts and stacks in large quantities for onward or off-site disposal.

Building Materials: Within the building and construction industries, DISAB vacuum equipment is used worldwide for cleaning, housekeeping, and material recovery and recycling.

Paper & Textiles: The supply of local energy and the core production process in the pulp and paper industry means a wide range of wet and dry applications for vacuum equipment.

We exclusively provide the rental, sales and support for DISAB vacuum systems in Australia and New Zealand. DISAB Australia / New Zealand is operated by Skala Australasia, a service and equipment supplier specialising in bulk material handling, vibratory process equipment and recycling systems.