Waterless high vacuum dust-free street & area sweeper

DISA-CLEAN offers superior dust-control, operating without water to remove virtually all PM-material while dispersing no dust into the air. Waterless technology also makes it possible to save huge volumes of water, operate outdoors, plus clean streets, roads and other surfaces.


Suction Dry Materials
Blow Wet materials
Mobile Indoor
Power 160 kW Outdoor

Weight and Dimensions

Complete unit 18,000kg
Total Unit Lengths 7,650mm
Total width 2,500mm
Height 3,250mm

Technical Information

Discharge Built-in hydraulic tipping system
Vacuum Pump Turbo 4-cylinder (Stage III B or IV)
Max Vacuum 400 mbar
Suction Inlet 2,500mm (brushes & vacuum nozzle)
Air Volume 7,500
Power 160 kW
Voltage Frequency N/A (Diesel)
Material Container Volume 5 m3
Power Source Diesel
Container Tipping Hydraulic cylinder, single acting system
Standard Filter Class M, IEC, F7/M. HEPA optional. Self-cleaning.
Safety Filter Surface 32 m2
ATEX Optional
IECEx Optional