Leading Australian building company CSR Monier uses DISAB SkipVac to achieve significant time savings and WHS improvements.

“The main advantage of the DISAB SkipVac is the time factor. For our operatives, using the SkipVac is a lot less hassle and a lot more efficient. Cleaning in and around tight, hard to access locations has now become safer and simpler.”

The Need

Through workplace health monitoring and WHSE management practices, manual handling and dust generated during cleaning activities was identified as a risk to employees. Being unable to eliminate, substitute or isolate the hazard, the next form of control was to find an engineering solution.

The Result

Fixed pipework, CSR Monier

A DISAB SkipVac provides the means to vacuum up the debris and minimise the manual handling, and most importantly, the dust.

Its portable design allows CSR Monier to clean targeted areas where the risks are. The durability, capacity, flexibility and performance of the SkipVac made it the logical vacuum choice.

The 12.5 kW vacuum suction power is especially effective at cleaning areas that are awkward to reach or which are intricate and complex.

SkipVacs are used with a fixed pipe system in the factory for further efficiency gains. CSR Sydney’s Site Operations Manager (Rosehill) is delighted with the productivity and WHS results.

“The SkipVac provides a highly effective industrial cleaning solution. We have installed a fixed pipe system within the affected areas, saving our operatives a lot of time compared with manual cleaning techniques. Furthermore, we had noticed that certain parts of the plant needed more attention when it comes to cleaning and removing dust. Using SkipVacs makes these tasks much more easily accomplished.”

DISAB SkipVac with Vibratan lightweight hose, CSR Monier


The SkipVac’s flexibility and reach, assisted by a DISAB Vibratan lightweight hose, is efficient at accessing tight spaces and is ergonomically safer than shovelling.

Tonnes of dust, tile chips and particles are vacuumed per week, achieving significant time savings and WHS improvements.

“Cleaning is most commonly done at changeover, after shift and during weekly shutdown. The SkipVac hopper is filled two to three times per week with the debris and dust generated throughout the week. The SkipVac has a number of benefits: it keeps our working environment clean and dust-free, and the plant itself can be maintained in a good and dust-free condition. Also, it can deal with both dust and larger spillages. It’s forklift portable, powerful and easy to use, and works as a fully enclosed system. The result is a much more efficient operation and longer engineering life for the plant.”